Meet the Team

The IQ2 team is made up of a pool of specialist consultants, data analysts and forensic investigators who combine expertise to provide a total solution for performance optimisation.

Peter Adam

Executive Vice President
Add Energy

Peter Adam has over 15 years of experience in the energy sector, specialising in the fields of reliability, maintenance and integrity for companies in the UK and overseas.

Peter’s focus is the performance improvement of producing assets through incorporating best standards in benchmarking, reliability management, and route-cause analysis.

Peter has proactively developed the growth of add latent by creating a multi-disciplined team and delivering innovative client solutions such as industry-proven benchmarking and analysis software tools creating uptime, safety and process improvements as well as account managing Shell’s global roll-out of their asset integrity framework.

Mark Rushton

Managing Director
STC Global

As managing director of STC Global, Mark has overall responsibility for the successful delivery of all client projects.

He has been involved in corporate learning for around 19 years and has a passion for creativity & innovation in how businesses embrace change through competent & engaged employees.

Mark also oversees new product development, including some of the current value add tools being created to enhance the existing Comet RCA offerings.

Alan Smith

Operations Director

Alan is a former detective superintendent, with the portfolio for major crime operations. A unique, additional role was leading investigations into high profile major incidents within the north sea oil and gas sector.

It was during these investigations that Alan identified a common skills gap in the ability of major organisations to perform basic incident investigation and analysis and thus understand why they suffer repeat failures.

Alan has built extensive personal experience as a root cause analysis instructor globally and is often invited to deliver case study presentations from his past experience including the landmark 1988 Piper Alpha disaster.

Jim Grimmer

Business Development Manager

Jim is an experienced business development professional with strong connections to the incident investigation and energy industries.

As with all of the Matrix senior management team, he has a policing career background and retains these disciplines and values in his work today.

Jim is the lead contact within the IQ2 team. Click here to contact Jim.

Alan Scott

Investigation Manager

In his position as investigation manager with Matrix Risk Control, Alan has travelled worldwide to conduct independent investigations into high-profile incidents.

He also trains and advises organisations on how to effectively record and investigate minor incidents to improve their overall performance.

Alan is a former senior police officer with three decades of experience in investigating serious crime.